is one of the free security scanner with online dashboard. With this online tool you can scan your website if is online. With this tool you can check some issues like XSS, SQLi or some details about SSL certificate. In this way you will be safe and you will know if your project is ok or you have some errors in code. This online security tool is dedicatet for everybody like, developers, cyber security researchers, managers, students or everybody who have an online website. In this way with free plan , in just some seconds you will have an ideea about the quality fof your peoject. We will recommend you to have an upgrade plan to pro version just if the scanner detect somme issues, because with the pro version on cyber security web test you get informations about how solve the security problems. offer solutions for issues like XSS, SQL Injections, RFI or LFI vulnerability, OS Commands, but this online security tool can get informations about your server, like how many sites are on same IP address with your website. This is very usefull information, because in this way you will know if you need an dedicated server or need some upgrades. Let's suppose as your website is secured, but the hosting company alocated for your website a shared IP, this means as on same IP exist more than one website. If a website can be exploited or hacked... exist posibility to lost your informations, because if the hacker can get full access to that machine or server, he will can get any informations from any sites from that IP address. To eliminate this problem, this online security scanner implemented a module wich detect how many sites are there.